The Project Nomad Limited Liability Partnership

Nature of Business: Retail/gifts
Areas of Impact: Create employment opportunities

The Project Nomad Limited Liability Partnership

About Us

Nomad is a social enterprise that connects rural artisans to emerging and developed markets. Currently, we are partnering with artisans in Jaisalmer, India to produce quality leather bags that are marketable around the world. We hold strongly to our beliefs in fair trade and increasing the income opportunities for our partner artisans through the sale of each craft. However, craftsmanship is more than just a source of income. It represents cultural narratives that transform across many generations. We are committed to preserving this tradition that is at stake in the face of globalization. Additionally, through our Nomad restoration project, we provide children from within the community with better access to quality education.

Products & Services

Through a balance of innovation, incorporation of modern fashion elements while maintaining the essence of human touch, Nomad bags are designed for urbanites who appreciate vintage leather crafts.Each bag produced is made with vegetable tanned leather without the usage of harmful chemicals such as chromium and formaldehyde. Vegetable tanned leather allows each bag to develop its own pattern and matures over time to form a canvas that reflects the user’s experiences.


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