AbleThrive Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Health and wellness
Areas of Impact: Empower persons with disabilities

AbleThrive Pte Ltd

About Us

AbleThrive addresses disability issues in two ways: 1) Empowering people with disabilities and 2) Educating the rest of society on how to and why they should be inclusive. Via, it shares original and curated online resources for living well with a disability from people, organizations, companies and hospitals around the world. It makes it easier for families impacted by disabilities to find out what they need to thrive and how to empower the disabled community. Able Thrive covers topics about life with a disability and organize content with tags to allow for efficient searching. By providing access to life-changing resources, it accelerates the path to living well with a disability. It also makes the disability sector more efficient by helping organizations better connect with their target beneficiaries. AbleThrive also works directly with companies, schools, and other entities to understand how to be meaningfully inclusive and how to interact with people with disabilities as colleagues and customers. By sharing real-life stories and advice of living with a disability and engaging directly with culture influencers in society, it aims to shatter stereotypes and redefine what it means to live with all types of abilities.

Products & Services

AbleThrive offers free access to curated resources on a website featuring stories and advice from people impacted by disabilities all over the world. The content is organized by topics and can be filtered by tags customized to a user’s needs and interests. AbleThrive also takes on speaking engagements and short-term consulting contracts to work with companies to implement disability awareness and training on how to interact with people with disabilities. It aims to expand upon people's thinking to build an inclusive society. We also organize events bringing together people with and without disability experience to cover topics relevant to the disability community and plant the seeds of inclusion.


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