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CO-EXIST 2017 is an annual dance production by LDC that was first introduced in 2016.

The name ‘CO-EXIST’ arises from the idea of existing side-by-side one another, be it our loved ones, our friends, dancers, instructors, even the community, we can coincide and harmonise as one.

This year, CO-EXIST 2017 will be based on the theme of ‘Prom’, where there will be a total of 10 different dance items. The storyline these item portray revolves around the nostalgia of prom, allowing the audience relive their experiences during the highly anticipated prom night back in their school days in Singapore.
Through participating in this dance production, students get to feel how it is like to perform on a stage “semi-professionally” at a ticketed event, providing them a stepping stone in their pursuit in dance and allows them to further fuel their passion.

Performers for the concert consist of both our LDC instructors and all the students from ‘The Legacy Experience (TLE)’ dance training programme.
Our TLE students are given an opportunity to partake in at least 2 different dance items, and each item will assign 2-3 student in-charges (IC) to assist the choreographers (i.e. Instructors) in coordination and facilitation of the class and the preparation of the props/costumes that is required.

At the end of CO-EXIST 2017, we hope to raise the community’s enthusiasm and awareness towards the potential of dance education and to develop groups of passionate and competent dancers with a driven mind to strive as a better leader, strong and inspiring individual.
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