Actsmarket Ltd

Nature of Business: Retail/gifts
Areas of Impact: Capacity building for organisations in the social sector

Actsmarket Ltd

About Us

ACTSmarket Ltd is a non-profit marketing and enabling organization based in Singapore.

Our mission is to eradicate poverty and its evils by using commerce as a key. We aim to mobilise communities to collaborate with one another with the common goal of transforming lives and needy communities in Asia. Our core activities are:
(i) build capacity for our social enterprise (SE) producers.
(ii) implement projects to create dignified employment and impart skills to handicapped and needy persons;
(iii) educate consumers about the importance of ethical shopping

Products & Services

1) Work with SE partners to design and produce new product lines that will appeal to consumers in the first world
2) Train beneficiaries of SE partners/ producers to produce better products and improve quality control
3) Build distribution channels so as to increase sales
4) Raise funds and mobilize other resources such as volunteer talents to build capacity for SE partners

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