Active Quotient International

Nature of Business: Sports and Recreation
Areas of Impact: Improve health and wellbeing

Active Quotient International

About Us

We focus on curating sports & leisure programmes and activities to achieve community and social goals. These include father & child/ family bonding activities (Dads for Life), enabling fathers and kids to improve their communications with each other and strengthening their relationships; this results in stronger family structures, a healthier nation, national pride and improves contributions to society while reducing the family related incidences such as violence in the family, divorce rates and family related issues.It will expand the programmes to Families to promote parenting, communication and family bonding. It also seeks to provide employment opportunities to single parents especially those with lower income as workshop facilitators and event co-ordination.

Products & Services

1) Curating of memorable events for participants to experience touch-points which allows for those meaningful moments to be remembered and treasured.2) Sporting and leisure opportunities to such learn a sport, the father as a coach workshop and series of camps in unique setting and surrounding to create those positive memories to last a lifetime.

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